Planting a Flag

At first, I started to write what I have called revenge. I am not proud but there is no doubt that the writing came out of me fast and furious, pages and pages. What I discovered was that the more I wrote the less I felt like revenge and the more I wanted to use writing as a tool to improve myself. So, the writing that would have been a blistering novel of the journey of a character through tough times became a way to confront the unfinished in myself.

Along the way, I found many bloggers who commented on their lives, their efforts to improve their writing and to improve who they were as people. This was a profound moment for me and I am very thankful for their generosity in commenting on their craft and their quest to improve their lives by choosing a career, really a vocation, that suited the people they wanted to be.

So, now I am planting a flag to get started on my own quest, which combines writing and self-improvement, using the tool of fiction to reflect, understand, forgive and improve. Thanks for reading.

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